Third Hand V1 Blow Out Sale!

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Third Hand V1 Blow Out Sale!


  • Premium, anodized aluminum base with two part holders and a full coverage, anti-slip bottom.
  • Sturdy, full sized alligator clips with high heat-resistant silicone covers. An integrated Swivel Mechanism provides 360 degrees of clip rotation.
  • Four 12” arms made of twenty-four rotating segments for the most precise positioning.
  • Additional accessories and ports allow for customization of the Third Hand.
  • Assembled in the USA with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Highest Quality Helping Hand on the Market!

Traditional helping hands are flimsy, hard to adjust, and lightweight. That’s why we created the Hobby Creek Third Hand. Our Third Hand is made from premium materials, is easy to use, customizable, and built to last.

Easy to Use

Four 12” arms can bend and rotate any direction providing unlimited working angles. The individual arm segments allow the Third Hand to be easily adjusted and then stay in place when you need it to, simply place the arms where you want them.



The Third Hand base is precision machined aluminum and beautifully anodized to protect it from damage. The bottom of the base is also protected by an anti-slip rubber bottom that keeps the Third Hand from slipping around on your workbench. Each Alligator clip has protective high heat-resistant covers. The Third Hand will last you a lifetime!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We love the tools we build and we know you will too! Order a Third Hand today.