Quanic Race Quad

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Race with versatility. Quanic allows you to easily swap arm lengths without opening the hood or removing vital parts of your quad! The pod features more room for your components and integrates our Limit Lock camera system. Having a true X form factor is a must nowadays, so that's a given on this frame. The battery can be mounted either on top or slung underneath using the lower battery brackets. This frees up the top for a GoPro or other recording camera. There are so many ways to build this frame, each race quad can be unique and personalized to every pilot!


  • 3mm or 4mm arm thickness
  • 220mm(5"), or 250mm(6") frame sizes


  • Secure the FPV camera with Limit Lock
  • Quick interchangeable arms
  • Flexible battery mounting options
  • 0-60 degree FPV camera angle
  • Average weight: 120g for a 3mm 6 inch frame

Having options

The Quanic pod works with any combination of 5 or 6 inch arms in either 3mm or 4mm thicknesses. This allows the pilot to choose what size racer they need to compete in a variety of classes. If you are practicing or freestyling and want more durability to handle those crashes, a 4mm thickness will keep you in the air. During a race, every gram matters, so switching to a thinner arm will cut down on your acceleration time. 

Each arm is held in place by three screws that do not attach to the flight controller. This allows the arms to be swapped out without needing to remove the power distribution board or flight controller. You can have a set of motors pre-installed on an arm with bullet connects and can complete a swap in under 5 minutes! 

Limit Lock

Most race quads at the time do not have an easy method to keep your FPV camera locked in place, yet offer flexible angles for different flying styles. Limit lock provides the option to either define an upper and lower tilt angle, or lock the camera into one position. The two bolt system does not require any altercation to the camera and is optional to use. The limit of the Limit Lock is from 15 degrees all the way up to 60 degrees. The top plate allows for more angle if you're a real speed addict.

Battery Options

Most people that build a quadcopter account for CG, or center of gravity. Of those people that do, few account for vertical balance in the Z direction. Not only is that balance important, it makes a big difference in getting that super locked in PID tune. When you add a GoPro to the mix, it further unbalances the Z direction, which can result in a slight wobble during high speed maneuvers. By strapping the battery below the props while adding the GoPro on top allows the weight to be more evenly distributed throughout the frame. Without the GoPro, the frame is more balanced with the battery on top. The flexibility gives the best performance for either situation.


Antenna holders

Probably the most common antenna holder is now the Zip Tie. The tie is wrapped around the top plate and tightened down to achieve a vertical position in which the antenna is either taped or heat shrunk to. While this method works, it requires the zip tie to be very tight to be able to stand upright. Upon impact, the plastic sheers and your antennas still end up in the spinning props of death.  The cutouts in Quanic are meant to be used in such a way that the zip tie attaches to the main plate and feeds through the top plate. Not only does this hold the antenna upright better, it reduces the stress on the zip ties.